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Moss Agate Rings

Moss agate is a semi-precious stone, and is truly unique gem; no two moss agate stones are the same.

Moss agate gets their beautiful patterns from the presence of manganese and iron oxides which creates delicate dendrites throughout the stone.

These stones are associated with new beginnings and is the perfect gemstone for a moss agate engagement ring.

These truly unique and earthly stones have become a popular choice for engagement rings, as they add a little something special to an already amazing gift.

Moss agate can be clear or milky, but at Divine Elements we craft our rings with the translucent stone to create gorgeous, art deco style rings – you can be assured that your ring will be uniquely yours.

Moss agate offers rich green minerals throughout the stone which gives it its mossy look, hence its name. The green of this stone is deep and has a beautiful marbled green effect throughout the stone, which is reminiscent of patterns found in nature which gives the ring a very grounded and earthy feel.

Divine Elements uses responsibly sourced gemstones and tracks every diamond from their harvest to our Brisbane workshop to ensure all sources and processes are completely ethical and environmentally sound.

The majority of our pieces are made from recycled precious metals.

Each ring is custom made with craft, care and love, so you can be assured that you have the highest quality token of your love.

Divine Elements are proudly Australian and based in Brisbane. We are a passionate team that utilises the beautiful gems that our country produces to hand craft one-off, inspiring pieces for couples to showcase their love and commitment.

We also offer free insured international shipping.