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All About the Magical Moss Agate Ring

What's Magical About Moss Agate

Moss agate is a semi-precious stone that has intricate detailing of green inclusions which mimic the natural world. This green inclusion can be set inside milky or translucent stones and creates a truly unique look to each and every piece.

Moss agate is truly a unique gem; no two moss agate stones are the same.

Moss agate gets its beautiful patterns from the presence of manganese and iron oxides which creates delicate dendrites throughout the stone.

Moss agate offers rich green minerals throughout the stone which gives it its earthy roots look, hence its name. The green of this stone is rich and has a lovely marbled green effect throughout the stone, with patterns that are reminiscent of those found within nature, which gives the stone its very grounded and earthy feel.

These stones are associated with new beginnings and are the perfect gemstone for a moss agate engagement ring.

These truly unique and earthly stones have become a popular choice for engagement rings, as they add a little something special to an already amazing gift.

Moss agate stones can come in an array of shapes, sizes and cuts. Each presents its own unique story. It’s best to see the moss agate stone for yourself, to really look deep into it and see what the unique, intricate patterns mean to you.

How To Take Care of Your Moss Agate Ring

Moss agate stones are softer than traditional engagement ring stones such as diamond or sapphire, which means you will need to be extra careful when wearing them whilst doing any vigorous tasks. The best practice when taking care of your moss agate ring is to take it off when doing any chores such as cleaning or cooking, or when doing any activities where the ring may encounter some shock and potentially chip or scratch the stone.

If your stone does get a chip or a scratch, you can take it to a jeweller who can professionally assess the stone and buff it, polish it or clean it to help breathe new life into it.

If you were to clean it at home, avoid harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning tools. To remove excess grime from the piece, simply wash in warm, soapy water.

If you continue to love and respect your ring as you did when you were first gifted it, then you should have no problems.