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Diamond Rings

Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Diamonds are the most popular option for engagement rings.

Diamond engagement rings started to become popular in the 1930s because their simple elegance and charm suited everyone. In the 1940s the phrase ‘Diamonds are forever’ was coined and the sentiment still stands today – diamonds are timeless.

Diamond engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes and cuts, which means the design styles are limitless.

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, meaning they are resistant to scratches which makes them perfect for daily wear. They are very strong gems with a natural brilliance which makes them appear infinitely sparkly and bright. A popular shape for engagement rings is a pear-shaped diamond ring as it symbolises tears of joy and is a very timeless and elegant shape.

Various Kinds of Diamond Rings

Diamond rings can come in a range of colours, with the most available being a yellow highlighted diamond and are a very popular choice for engagement rings. Diamonds that are completely colourless are the highest quality of diamond which makes them very rare and therefore very expensive.

The most exclusive diamonds in the world are pink diamond ringsOnly one carat of pink diamond is suitable for selling, which makes it one of the rarest gems in the world.

Custom Made Engagement Rings

Divine Elements uses responsibly sourced gemstones and tracks every diamond from their harvest to our Brisbane workshop to ensure all sources and processes are completely ethical and environmentally sound.

The majority of our pieces are made from recycled precious metals.

Each ring is custom made with craft, care and love, so you can be assured that you have the highest quality token of your love.

Divine Elements are proudly Australian and based in Brisbane. We are a passionate team that utilises the beautiful gems that our country produces to hand craft one-off, inspiring pieces for couples to showcase their love and commitment.

We also offer free insured international shipping.